Govt to study life cycles of dolphin, hilsa in Ganga to ascertain health of river


The government will now study the life cycles of dolphins and the hilsa population in the Ganga to ascertain the health of the holy river at different sections, a senior NMCG official said.

The National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) will be conducting the study in collaboration with the Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, NMCG Director General G Asok Kumar said.

Under this, bio-indicators like the population of dolphins and hilsa fish and micro-organisms will be studied to ascertain how much improvement has taken place in the health of the river.

Elaborating, Kumar said these bio-indicators play an important role in establishing the health of a river.

“We have taken many initiatives under the NMCG to improve water quality, and through the study, we want to test how much improvement has been achieved,” he told

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