Demolition of Noida twin towers will leave behind 35,000 cubic metres of debris


Supertechs illegal twin towers in Noida, which are taller than Delhis Qutub Minar, will become Indias highest structures ever to be demolished on August 28.

The buildings measuring a little over 100 metres will literally collapse like a house of cards in a process that would take less than 15 seconds for them to come down, according to project officials.

The demolition would be done through a controlled implosion technique for which over 3,700 kg of explosive will be used in the eye-popping event that would also leave behind a whopping 55,000 tonnes of debris to be managed.

Mumbai-based Edifice Engineering along with their South African partner firm Jet Demolitions is carrying out the job, which is certain to make it into civil engineering feats of the world.

“It will take nine to 10 seconds for all the explosives to blast in a series making a loud noise. After the blasts, the structures wont come down all at once and would take four to five seconds to come down completely,” Edifice Engineering partner Utkarsh Mehta told

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