COVID-19 fight: Ethnic groups from New England pledge to donate USD 1 million to India


A coalition of various Asian-American groups, including Indian and Chinese, on Sunday announced to have pledged USD 1 million towards COVID-19 assistance in India.

The New England Asian American Coalition (NEAAC), in a statement, said it pledged to raise USD 1 million to support two non-governmental organisations –Sewa International USA and Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation — in tackling the pandemic.

Asian-Americans are coming together and standing with fellow Asian-Americans to help with this humanitarian crisis, said George He from the New England Chinese American Alliance. While the current focus of the coalition is to provide relief from the health crisis, its long-term objective is to lay the foundation for a collective group of Asian-Americans who can provide support for any need that gets the attention of New Englanders, a media release said. When there is suffering anywhere, in the US or elsewhere, Asian-Americans are always at the forefront of providing support. Together, we can amplify our impact, Satish Jha, who initiated the coalition, said. Raju Datla, a volunteer at Sewa, said, The challenge in the urban areas has brought support from many NGOs. Sewa International shipped more than 7,250 oxygen concentrators, 250 ventilators and disbursed USD 6 million in grants to various partner organisations working on the ground in India. Ranjani Saigal, executive director, Ekal Vidyalaya foundation of USA said the challenge in rural India is even greater without viable access to healthcare. With a focus on Rural India, Ekal Vidyalaya has sent over 10,000 medical devices and medical kits to the villages, she said.

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