Cirkus a different take on The Comedy of Errors: Rohit Shetty


Filmmaker Rohit Shetty says in his upcoming feature “Cirkus” he has tried to present William Shakespeares classic play “The Comedy of Errors” in a unique way.

Over the years, the Shakespearean comedy revolving around two sets of identical twins, has been adapted by many Indian filmmakers with Kishore Kumar-led “Do Dooni Chaar” (1968) and Gulzars directorial venture “Angoor” (1982) being the most celebrated ones. Shetty said “Cirkus”, starring Ranveer Singh in the lead, is nowhere close to the previous film versions of the play. There have been many versions of The Comedy of Errors. In Bengali cinema it was made as a black and white film, then Do Dooni Chaar with Kishore Kumar… So, it has changed a lot over the years. Our film is a different take, Shetty told

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