China calls for Russia-Ukraine cease-fire, peace talks


China has called for a cease-fire between Ukraine and Russia and the opening of peace talks as part of a 12-point proposal to end the conflict. The plan issued on Friday morning by the Foreign Ministry also urges the end of Western sanctions imposed on Russia, measures to ensure nuclear facilities, the establishment of humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians and steps to ensure the export of grain, after disruptions caused global food prices to spike. China has claimed to be neutral in the conflict, but it has a no limits relationship with Russia and has refused to criticize its invasion of Ukraine over even refer to it as such, while accusing the West of provoking the conflict and fanning the flames” by providing Ukraine with defensive arms. The peace proposal mainly elaborated on long-held Chinese positions, including referring to the need that all countries sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity be effectively guaranteed.” It also called an end to the Cold War mentality” its standard term for what it regards as US hegemony and interference in other countries. China abstained on Thursday when the UN General Assembly approved a nonbinding resolution that calls for Russia to end hostilities in Ukraine and withdraw its forces.

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