Bedi asks Collector to take action against stadium promoters

Lieutenant Governor ofPuducherry Kiran Bedi has directed district Collector T Arunto initiate action against promoters ofa cricket stadiumnear here following complaints of alleged encroachment ofgovernment land, waterbodies, and sinking of borewells.

In her letter to the Collector on Thursday, a copy ofwhich was released to reporters, the Lieutenant Governor saidshe had received complaints of allegations under RTI aboutthe construction of the Seichem Cricket Stadium in Thuthipetvillage in violation of law.

The former IPS officer said, “Taking note of the gravityof the offences committed with impunity the matter was takenup with you (Collector).” Purusuant to the discussions held on Thursday, she said,”You (Collector) had accepted and conceded that you ought tohave taken action to prevent any continuing violation oflaw.” She asked the Collector to take immediate steps toregister an FIR for trespassing into government lands andwater bodies.

She also asked the collector to direct the promoter ofthe stadium to stop any further activities on the premisesuntil all matters are examined by the departments of Revenue,Puducherry Planning Authority, Ground Water andEnvironment, Local Body and the Electricity.


She wanted the Collector to ascertain whether theinvitees listed as participants in the inauguration of theT-20 tournament had given their prior consent to participatein the inauguration (on Wednesday last).

Bedi pointed out in her letter that “while you(collector) had avoided attending the said inaugurationknowing of his (promoter`s) credentials you failed to cautionthe office of Lt Governor on the bonafides of the person whowas insisting on my personal presence at the inauguration.” She said, “As a Collector, it is your duty to ensure thedignity of the constitutional office of the Lt Governor. I amtaking up the illegal construction of the stadium by SeichemTechnology with BCCI so that the spirit of cricket is notharmed.”

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