Australian reportedly killed when explosive vest detonates


Police were investigating the death of a man who was reportedly killed when an explosive vest he was wearing detonated while he was driving his car in the street in the Australian city of Melbourne.

The vest was understood to have been triggered by the car hitting a speed bump in suburban Hallam on Saturday morning, Seven News reported.

Security camera video showed the flash of the explosion rise about the roof and from the drivers side window. A speed bump wasnt apparent in the video.

The car continued to travel a few hundred meters (yards) before it hit a parked vehicle.


A 43-year-old man was found dead inside his car, police said. Police have not released his name.

Bomb Response Unit members worked to render the explosives in the car safe, police said. They were investigating the circumstances of the mans death but do not consider him a crime victim.

Police did not say where the man was heading. He had visited the home of his ex-partner immediately before his death, Seven reported.

Neighbours said police spent almost 24 hours at the scene, Seven reported.

I just heard a big, loud bang at 11 a.m. and looked out the window of my house and saw a car had gone through the roundabout and hadnt braked or anything like that and crashed, witness Ben Augel told Seven.

Seven described the driver as a former soldier and a father.

A spray painted tribute on a brick wall near the scene of the tragedy said: Dad my soldier 4 ever with a love heart.

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