Ashok Gehlot has RSS phobia, says BJP’s Rajasthan chief Joshi

Ashok Gehlot
Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot I File Photo

Rajasthan BJP president CP Joshi hit back at Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot for calling the BJP and the RSS “fascist”, saying the Congress leader has an “RSS phobia” and that is why he makes such statements. He said whenever there is any calamity, RSS workers are ready to help.

“The Congress has a phobia of the RSS, so its leaders keep making baseless allegations against the RSS,” he said in a statement on Thursday. “Sangh workers always play their role in society with devotion like a soldier without any discrimination while the Congress is nothing more than a scattered organisation dedicated to one family,” he said.

Honouring terrorists and cursing patriots is the reason for the Congress downfall, he said.

Joshi said the chief minister should introspect because his party MLAs accuse him of being a “fascist”. “He calls himself Gandhi of Mewar but his entire five years were spent in the fight for the chair. He is afraid of his defeat in the 2023 elections, therefore Gehlot is saying anything to get noticed by Rahul Gandhi,” he said.


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