We are all equipped to combat Coronasur, arent we?
These women expressed their concern in the most spiritual way with the chants, “Bharat mein tharo kai kaam re, corona bhaag jaa…” 

We are all equipped to combat Coronasur, aren't we?

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Soon, there are chances that India will have a scheme for subsidized pilgrimages to Corona Ashrams in Wuhan. Wondering why? Swami Chakrapani of All India Hindu Mahasabha has the answer.

In bizarre advice, he had asked Xi Jinping ‘to create an idol of corona and seek forgiveness’ to save China. Apparently, he thinks that ‘coronavirus has come to give the message of death and punish those who eat them.’ Non-vegetarians. (Really?)

He also drew an analogy between Lord Narsimha and the corona. Hail corona!

It was followed by Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment Ramdas Athwale ‘raising’ his  voice against ‘the tiny annoying creature’ in a most non-violent ‘Gandhian’ way! Because we do not believe in killing anyone! Not even a virus!

Interestingly, Chinese Consul General in Mumbai Tang Guocai along with Buddhist monks actually seemed to believe what the Minister said. They too joined the great ‘Go Corona!’ movement in Mumbai, led by Athwale Ji. The video is believed to have empowered millions of social media users to attain the state of ROFL!

The next battle for corona was the women’s power. They too joined hands against corona by singing ‘bhajans.’ Another favorite thing about Bapu! Remember Raghupati Raghav Rajaram…?

These women expressed their dissent in the most spiritual way with the chants, “Bharat mein tharo kai kaam re, corona bhaag jaa…” 

Maybe that’s why Sri Lanka announced the first case only after bhajan was released. As everybody knows, ‘who had a golden palace in Lanka?’ (wink)

And how can we forget the hospitality corona received in Bihar? As they say, India is a country of diversity. So is the hospitality in different states.

Bhojpuri songwriter and singer Diamond, aka Guddu Rangila, decided to ridicule virus to ensure all the Biharis remained untouched. Not even coronavirus could save itself from Guddu’s obsession with ‘Lehenga.’ His new song reads, ‘‘Humra lehenga mein coronavirus ghusal ba…”

Mind you, Bihar has not reported any corona case to date. And after a new release, the chances of that happening are less than the literacy rate of the state.

Last but not least, we (Indians) decided to have a satvik party! Yes. You read it correctly!

Hindu Mahasabha will soon be organizing ‘gaumutra party’ where people would be informed about coronavirus and be saved by consuming cow-related products. So why wait? Go get your booze! As who knows when scientists would succeed in finding the antidote?

Jai Gau Mata ki!

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