Off-screen activities for work-from-homers to stay stress-free
Especially for people who want to keep themselves off the screen and do something different, these activities will help you beat the lockdown blues. Photo: iStock

Off-screen activities for work-from-homers to stay stress-free

It may be really stressful to be stuck inside four walls and staring at the computer screen for hours during work from home. Here are some activities, especially for those who want to keep themselves off the screen and do something different for peace of mind.

Organise your wardrobe

Have you too experienced the hassle in finding new clothes to wear every morning? It’s now time to use the lockdown period in the best possible way and organise your wardrobe in a professional manner.

A lot of YouTube videos show how social media influencers get their wardrobes setup with some professional help. Take inspiration from them and divide your clothes according to brands, regular wear, athleisure and much more.

You can also label your clothes by colour, office wear, formals, and sleepwear to cut the clutter just like YouTuber Safiya Nygaard, who got her wardrobe professionally organised on the ‘Practically Perfect‘ website and has recorded the entire process.

Buzzfeed Nifty too has many videos to help you out and also check out The Clothing Therapist on Instagram for more.

Listen to podcasts

With the culture of podcasts growing each passing day, you can know about your past, present and future by just listening to some great audio content to give rest to your eyes.

Podcast fans across the world recommend fiction and historical events as best genres. So why not just give it a shot and choose what’s best to match your taste?

Websites and apps like Spotify, Castbox, and Amazon Music could be your perfect partners in the journey into the world of podcasts.

Create abstract art

Many people take up painting or sketching amid the lockdown. Why not break the barrier and express yourself through some abstract designs?

This does not require you to own a canvas, colour pencils or even a sketch book. Just pick up your ruled notebooks or diaries and start joining the dots or lines and go creative with anything and everything for a few minutes of your day. You will be surprised to see the Pablo Picasso hidden in you.

YouTubers offer videos on easy abstract-art techniques and ‘5-minute crafts‘ has plenty of content on its website or social media handles for your reference.

Do it yourself

There is no right time to start testing out some social media frenzy DIYs. So, bring out old clothes from your wardrobe that don’t fit you anymore or are too faded, and unite them with some cutting, chopping and stitching to make table mats, doormats and what not.

YouTube will help you to make such DIYs from the things available in your house. But make sure you don’t step out of the house because you don’t have the material.

It’s a lie if you say your Instagram feed is not hoarded with those short crafty videos with people making DIY sofas, chairs, and much more to make your life easy, yet exciting. So rather than just watching, try them out.

Doodle you way

Do you also feel amazed looking at the Google doodles? It’s time for you to doodle your way into the giant pool of abstract drawing.

It’s as simple as writing a word in capital letters and joining the ends, making smileys and adding more random shapes to fill the paper and your doodle is ready.

Of course, YouTube has videos to help you out at the same time and the official Instagram handle of Mr. Doodle, who literally even wears clothes and shoes with doodles on them, can be helpful yet creative and exciting.

Learn a language

We are cheating here a bit and putting you back on screen, because it cannot be ignored. But if you’ve been working on your laptop all day long, why not switch the tab and learn a language that you even add to your resume.

Duolingo is a user-friendly app to choose any language of your choice and take bite-sized exercises to become proficient in it. At least, you can use the knowledge to watch movies and series of foreign dialects without subtitles.

YouTube is again a good medium to hone this skill and there are many pages on Instagram too that teach you not just foreign, but also regional languages. For instance, Chumma Talks to learn Kannada. So, just open a new tab and start learning.

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