PS-1 or RRR and Baahubali? Tamil vs Telugu war erupts on Twitter
The users mocked Tamilians for watching 'PS-1' based on the Chola empire because it had to do with Tamil “pride” for no one else would watch this “slow paced documentary”. While Tamils hit back criticising Bahubaali for being a mass entertainer as compared to Mani's class act

PS-1 or RRR and Baahubali? Tamil vs Telugu war erupts on Twitter

Twitter war is not just a debate over the masters – Mani vs Rajamouli; it has now galloped into regional pride

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‘Ponniyin Selvan-1’ may be whipping up a storm in the box-office, but another kind of storm has broken out on social media over ace director Mani Ratnam’s latest historical saga.

After the release of the ‘Ponniyin Selvan-1’ (PS-1) on September 30, some users on Twitter criticised the film and felt it was not as good as SS Rajamouli’s mega blockbuster hits ‘Baahubali’ and ‘RRR’. This irked Tamil film lovers, and the fans of actors like Vikram, Jayam Ravi and Karthi, who play key roles in the film based on Kalki Krishnamurthy’s fictionalised book on the Chola empire.

This war on Twitter has turned into not just a debate over the masters – Mani vs Rajamouli – but it has galloped into the territory of who is mightier: Tamil or Telugu films. One user said with due respect to Mani Ratnam Sir, if SS Rajamouli had made ‘PS’, he would made it with more “grandeur and more adrenaline rush kind of movie with lots of goosebumps. In fact, the story itself had a lot of scope for that”.

Tamil films were being dissed as ‘sambhar’ movies, which were no match for the fiery Telugu films fronted by a Prabhas, Rana Daggubatti or Ram Charan. The users mocked Tamilians for watching ‘PS-1’ based on the Chola empire because it had to do with Tamil “pride” for no one else would watch this “slow paced documentary”.

But, Tamils on Twitter were quick to hit back saying that both films cannot be compared since one was class (‘PS-1’) and the other was ‘mass’ (‘Baahubali’). They posted short clips from Baahubali asking if people really wanted such “cringeworthy and over the top” scenes.

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One user pleaded with others not to compare the two since ‘PS-1’ is deeply rooted and super focussed on story. “It has storytelling at its best. It has been shot in real-life locations, in terms of making its at par with Game of Thrones, Gladiator and LOTR”. ‘Baahubali’ is considered to be a fantasy film and so cannot compare with ‘PS-1’, a historical fiction, said the user.

This argument stemmed from what Mani himself said in an interview, while replying to a question how ‘PS’ compares with ‘Bahubaali’. “PS is based on the life of Raja Raja Chola, and it is a realistic honest film in which all the characters are very real. There is drama, human emotions, values…,” he said, pointing out that ‘Bahubaali’ is a fantasy with superheroes and completely belongs to a different genre.

For Tamilians, ‘PS’ has become a Tamil pride movie. A user snapped, stop comparing our pride ‘PS-1’ with your fictional ‘Baahubali’. “PSI is purely story driven. It’s not mandatory that ‘PSI’ need to have why Kattappa killed Baahubali just for the sake of hyping 2nd part!”, he said making it out that Tamil films are more realistic and do not border on the absurd.

According to the users, ‘Bahubaali’s plot can be narrated in just three lines. And they scoff heartily at scenes in ‘Bahubaali’ in which soldiers are catapulted from a palm tree and form a round cannonball to land on the enemy’s fort. Idiots want cringe scenes like this from ‘Bahubaali’ in ‘PS’? Asked one user.

The verbal  joust got bitter as one Tamil film fan user hit out at the Telugu audience saying, “We have no issues with Telugu movies winning big in Tamil Nadu. But if u wantedly try to bring a tamil movie down – we will hit back for sure !” To which a Telugu fan retorted, “Safe to say the republic of Dravidanadu has been put on hold. These ppl, with their paranoia and supremacist attitudes, always find ways to pick fights with other languages and cultures.”

According to the Telugu fans, it is they who supported Tamil film stars like Rajni, Kamal Suriya, Vijay Vikram and Karthi in Tollywood. “Name a movie you encouraged besides Baahubali?” asked on user.

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While another dismissed the entire argument as a “distraction tactic to cover up Tamil cinema’s inability and constant failure to mix the mass pulse with grandeur.” And suggested Tamil audiences to watch some Boyapati ((Boyapati Srini, mass action director) movies for lessons since SSR is way out of their league anyway.

One writer in a national daily talking about the ‘RRR’ vs ‘PS-1’ battle felt that Vikram and Karthi did not spin the same magic as Prabhas’ ‘Bahubaali’ or Ram Charan and Jr NTR’s Ram and Bheem. But then they are expected to be kings, not blockbuster-minting OTT heroes, said the writer. Well, clearly the dice seems loaded for now in favour of Mani Ratnam.

One associate director in Tamil cinema tweeted that ‘PS’ is a true cinema experience. “Get over ‘BB, RRR and KGF’ while watching this. Comparing ‘PS-I’ with any fictional movies is baseless, go watch it for the grandeur and classical story telling. He could have easily commercialised the movie with over the top things, but he didn’t, shows that he respects the audience,” said the associate director.

To quell the ongoing rant, one user tried to be the voice of reason. He said, “Both movies are gems of India. Can’t compare them. Watched ‘PS1’ today. Great movie. Ŕooting for both Babubaali and PS1. Because I am not a Tamilzhan or Telungan. I am an Indian.”

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