Atsumaru Euphoria Bangalore

Atsumaru Euphoria is happening at Bengaluru's The Hub rooftop

Atsumaru Euphoria, an experiential festival celebrating Japanese pop culture will be held in Bengaluru's The Hub on October 29. This is the second such festival to be held in India, and is brought by I Know A Guy Productions (IKAG).

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Atsumaru Euphoria, an experiential festival celebrating Japanese pop culture will be held in Bengaluru’s The Hub on October 29. This is the second such festival to be held in India, and is brought by I Know A Guy Productions (IKAG).

Atsumaru Euphoria, a feel good festival, will celebrate all things Anime, Manga, Japanese Pop Culture, Cosplay, and the Best-of-Bangalore through Music, Food, Gaming, Merch and much more.

The festival is a reflection of the growing love for Japanese culture in India. This includes the gripping plots in anime, cosplay and other media, besides their mouth-watering cuisine, which have got the audience craving for more. And thanks to social media, these fun items have got amplified.

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Atsumaru, which in Japanese translates to ‘Come Together’, is set to happen at the centrally located The Hub, Bengaluru, making it accessible to Bangaloreans and tourists the same. It will be facilitated at The Sky Patios above Safina Square, highlighting 3 huge rooftop settings.

The Music Festival is scheduled between 12 pm and 12 am, featuring 5 DJs with 5 genres of music. An array of Japanese cuisine will be brought through several Bangalore establishments for people to enjoy.

Celebration of Nerd Culture

Fan Culture at Atsumaru Euphoria will be commended by combining Anime, Manga, and Gaming fans. The occasion will have 10 cosplayers and a gaming structure with 8 control centers where fans can fight it out in competitions.

The market region will have merchants including anime stock, attire, embellishments, books and comics, custom and unique fine art, face painting, tattoo specialists, Japanese Kawaii culture expressions and specialties action store.

“In addition to Anime, we believe that nothing makes people come together like Music and Food, and this time we have gone all in on both. We are so excited about the line-up of artists we have for our 12-hour music festival. Our Food festival, on a separate terrace, will feature a Japanese pavilion offering a variety of dishes from the land of the rising sun. Our Nerd Culture fest, a separate entity in itself, has been strategically designed to maximize engagement with our anime audience. We are also stoked about our venue, the rooftop at The Hub. It’s like being transported to this massive set of sky gardens in the heart of Bangalore. It is perfect for Atsumaru Euphoria!” said Abrar Basith, Founder of IKAG Productions and Co-Founder of Atsumaru.

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Atsumaru has partnered with digital fintech services provider Cheq which ensure payments and transactions at the event and venue. Sudhanshu Shekhar, Founder & CEO, Cheq said, “Cheq is building India’s first shared UPI wallet. Our mission is to give Indians better tools to manage their finances. We are very excited to partner with Atsumaru and showcase our product at the event. Keep a look out for Mr. Cheq, who will be doing some crazy giveaways on the 29th!”

Kuldeep Mohan Ponnada, Co-founder & CEO, Metapolis said, “We are thrilled to be Technology Partners of ATSUMARU. Our world-renowned tech stack will be the right addition to the 12-hour exhilarating fiesta. At Metapolis, we believe that the creator economy is key to the adoption of Web 3.0 and Metaverse. We are bringing to creators, a no-code and easy-to-use, social engagement platform that will facilitate the entry of creators into the Metaverse by allowing them to deliver highly immersive experiences for their followers. Our social domes and M-Genesis (Metapolis’ first themed Microverse) will provide easy access for creators to seamlessly integrate into the Metaverse ecosystem. We have a lot of exciting things lined up and this is just the beginning.”

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