New water ministry will fix all farmers’ issues: Modi at Ahmednagar

PM Modi urged voters in Maharashtra to elect a decisive government to power.

Harping on his resolve to work for the benefit of farmers in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing a public rally at Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar on April 12, said the BJP’s resolve to form a new ministry for water management, if voted back to power, will put an end to farmers’ misery once and for all.

“Like Ahilyabai Holkar (a Maratha queen in the 18th century) solved the problem of water crisis by urging people to dig ponds and wells in villages, we will adopt a similar approach. The new ministry will ensure that river water that flows into the Arabian Sea, unused, is diverted to farms. We will also try to use sea water after de-salination. The issues of the farmers will be redressed only when the water crisis is resolved,” he said.

The BJP’s poll memorandum also mentions the formation of a new ministry that will help manage water resources.

The PM promised to bring all farmers under the PM Kisan Yojana – now limited to farmers with less than 5 acres of land; provide kisan credit card to livestock farmers and pension for small farmers.


Accusing the Congress of having a complacent attitude towards terrorism during its reign, Modi said that people deserve a decisive government, which has the guts to kill terrorists in their own house.

“When the Congress- NCP was in government, there were bomb blasts in Mumbai, in Pune …we saw blasts every day – in trains, in buses, at stations … who were the casualties of these blasts? Our farmers, our students, our traders … But have you seen one blast in the past five years? It is because this ‘chowkidar’ has spread terror in the mind of terrorists. This ‘chowkidar’ will hunt them (terrorists) from hell and punish them,” said Modi hinting at the bomb blasts that rocked Maharashtra in the 90s.