Modi attacks Cong, says voters chose honesty over dynasty in 2014

Prime Modi attacked the Congress in a blog post on MArch 20. PTI

“In 2014, people voted for honesty over dynasty. Development over decay. Security over stagnation,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a blog post on March 20.

Lashing out at the Congress over “dynastic politics”, Modi said that institutions from the press to the Constitution have been impacted whenever dynastic politics have been powerful.

India had made “remarkable achievements” in the past five years under the NDA, Modi said, adding that the Indian economy has been the cynosure of the world’s eyes.

“The mandate of 2014 was epoch-making also because it was for the first time in the history of India that a non-dynastic party was blessed with a complete majority. When a Government works with the spirit of ‘India First’ instead of ‘Family First’, it shows in its working,” he said.


The prime minister’s latest attack on the Congress over “dynasty politics” comes at a time when the BJP is facing similar allegations from within in Arunachal Pradesh, where at least 20 leaders, including ministers and MLAs, have quit the party after accusing it of playing ‘dynasty politics’.

Responding to Modi’s attack, Congress General Secretary for Uttar Pradesh (East) Priyanka Gandhi said: “People of the country are not fools and can see through the PM’s claims.” She said people know that it was “the BJP which attacked India’s institutions”.