Every dictator first talks of nationalism to captivate people: Gehlot

Congress leader said that Modi had been dividing the nation in the name of nationalism. Photo: Twitter

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Monday (April 29) claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on course to becoming a “dictator” who talks of nationalism to captivate the people.

After casting his vote with his family on Monday morning, the Congress leader told reporters that Modi had been “dividing the nation and the society in the name of nationalism”, which posed a “threat” to democracy.

Later in day, the chief minister spoke at a rally in Sardarshahar town under Churu Lok Sabha constituency which was also addressed by Congress president Rahul Gandhi. “History says every dictator first talks of nationalism and captivate the people. Modi has been doing the same thing, but the people, especially the young generation, need to understand this,” Gehlot told reporters in Jodhpur.

Modi is “on course to becoming a dictator, which is a huge threat to the democracy of the country”, he said. “He (Modi) has a perverted version of patriotism and has got down to exploit this term to win the election only by emotionally misleading the people, especially the youth,” the chief minister said.


Gehlot accused Modi of turning the electoral debate from the issues of development to nationalism and patriotism. “Aren’t others patriots?” he asked. After casting his vote, the chief minister left for Saipau village in Dholpur district to join Congress president Rahul Gandhi in a public meeting.

At the election meeting in Sardarshahar town he claimed the prime minister wants to win the elections by engaging people in “issueless politics”. “There should issues in elections. Rahul Gandhi has been repeatedly asking the prime minister to talk on issues,” Gehlot said.