BJP fields Thushar Vellapally to take on Rahul Gandhi in Wayanad

The BJP believes that Thushar Vellapally will make things difficult for Rahul Gandhi forcing him to spend a lot of time campaigning for himself rather than for the party. Photo: Facebook

In order to give Congress president Rahul Gandhi a run for his money in Wayanad, the BJP-led NDA has decided to field Thushar Vellapally. Announcing the decision, BJP president Amit Shah tweeted, “I proudly announce Shri Thushar Vellappally, President of Bharat Dharma Jana Sena as NDA candidate from Wayanad (Kerala).”

Thanking Shah, Vellapally tweeted, “Sir thanks for giving me the opportunity and big thanks for the kind words. This behind the curtain drama of the left and congress we will expose to our country men. I am with you in this fight to eradicate foreign rule from our motherland. Namo Again @AmitShah @narendramodi.”

It should be recalled that Thushar was given the Thrissur Lok Sabha seat when seat discussions were finalised.

Earlier, Paily Vathiattu, BDJS state vice-president was declared as its candidate in Wayanad seat. But the entry of Rahul Gandhi as the candidate led to a change in plans leading to Vellapally getting fielded.


It is said that fielding Thushar Vellapally will consolidate the Hindu votes. It is also believed that 50 % of Hindus comprise Ezhavas which will give the BDJS the required edge over the Congress and the CPI.