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More than nine in 10 children who participated in the study think that the world that they live in today is ‘addicted to cell phones’. Photo: iStock

Your smartphone could be next virus hotspot. Here’s how to disinfect it

Should you be concerned about sanitising your smartphone? The answer is yes.

Smartphones are a germs magnet and are one of the most used objects in our daily lives, thus posing a grave danger to our health if not handled and cleaned properly. Remember, this is one object that you press to your ears and to the sides of your face too.

Studies suggest the coronavirus can potentially live on smartphone screens for days. Time magazine puts it more aptly; it says a mobile phone is 10 times dirtier than our toilet seats.

The simplest solution to staying away from the germs that are there on your smartphone is to sanitise your hands every time you hold your phone, but that seems impossible since we need to use our phones so often.

So here are points to remember while cleaning your smartphone:

What you must not use:

  • Rubbing alcohol is not suggested since it can strip the oil and water-resistant coatings on the phone’s display.
  • Direct rinsing is not suggested if you have a waterproof phone. It’s still better to use a wet cloth than directly tossing your phone into water.
  • Window cleaner can also damage protective coatings on your phone’s display and harsh cleaners can make your phone vulnerable to scratches.
  • Paper towels can end up leaving scratches on your phone and if gets torn, it may form debris on the phone surface.
  • Makeup removers are a big no since their constituent chemicals can be harsh to your phone screen.
  • Dish soap should not be used directly to clean your phone. It’s better to mix it with water and use a cloth wet with the soap water.

Also avoid using kitchen cleaners, compressed air, bleach or vinegar for cleaning your device.

What you can use:

  • Alcohol-water mix can be used to clean mobile phone, say experts, but getting the concentration wrong can again damage your phone.
  • Disinfecting wipes or any 70 per cent isopropyl alcohol wipes can be used to clean the exterior surface of smartphones, suggest Apple, Xiaomi and Samsung.

Remove the phone cover first and unplug all other accessories before proceeding with the cleaning process.

Choose your cleaning agent depending on the material of your cover. It can certainly be rinsed in water separately and air-dried. However, many suggest wipes, the same ones you use for cleaning your phone, are the best option to clean your covers.

Smartphones can also be disinfected using UV-C light, but it is not a widely available device to recommend to someone.

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