Meerut shocker: Twin brothers die together after 24th birthday

24-year-olds Joefred Varghese Gregory and Ralfred George Gregory had done almost everything in life together. Finally, they got COVID at the same time, and succumbed to the disease together

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Both the techie brothers wanted to work abroad and give their parents, who were teachers a good life. But their dreams were cut short. Representative image: iStock

Twin brothers, Joefred Varghese Gregory and Ralfred George Gregory from Meerut had done almost everything in life together. Both did computer science and got jobs in Hyderabad and they unfortunately contracted the COVID-19 fever too on the same day – on April 24. Last week, just as they always did –both sadly succumbed to the deadly disease hours after one another, reported the Times of India.

Their father Gregory Raymond Raphael told the newspaper that whatever happened to one, it happened to the other. That had been the case since their birth. The 24-year-olds died too almost together on May 13 and May 14, literally some hours apart. Raphael further added that the twins had wanted to give their parents a better life. As teachers they had struggled a lot to bring up their children and the brothers had wanted to give back to them – not just money but happiness. The brothers were going abroad to work to realise their dreams, when tragedy struck.The parents have one more son.

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The report added that the family had initially treated the brothers at home. But when the fever refused to subside and their oxygen levels dropped to 90, they were shifted to a hospital on May 1. When their second RT-PCR report came negative, their family was going to shift them from the COVID ward to an ICU ward.


On May 13, however, the first call came to their parents from the hospital and their “world crashed”. Meanwhile, the other twin, Ralfred made a call to his mother saying he was recovering and asked about his brother’s health. But Joefred had died and when the parents tried to cover up the truth he told them that they were lying. Ralfred too followed his brother the next day, as always.