Schools, colleges, cinemas: Govt further loosens restrictions

The government is set to reopen more public spaces and services as Covid-19 cases continue to decline in the country

Fearing the spike in COVID-19 cases, the Karnataka has imposed a slew of new restrictions. Gyms and swimming pools will be closed and cinema halls will now function only with 50% capacity till April 20

The government is set to reopen more public spaces and services as Covid-19 cases continue to decline in the country. India will further loosen restrictions on institutions and businesses starting February, while keeping pandemic protocols intact.

Reopening of Schools

In Delhi, students in classes IX and XI, as well as those attending colleges, polytechnics and diploma institutions, will be allowed to physically attend classes beginning February 5.

Gujarat also said it would reopen Classes IX to XI on February 1. Also allowed: Private tuitions for Classes IX to XII, and private coaching for competitive examinations.


Delhi University

DU will reopen from February 1. The entire teaching staff has been asked to be physically present. Final-year students, who need access to laboratories and have practical classes, will be allowed to return first. However, it is not mandatory for them to attend.

Domestic and International Flights

The Centre announced reopening of domestic flights from May 25, 2020, with 33 per cent capacity. This limit was increased to 70 per cent in four phases. The last increase was in December, when the capacity was fixed at 80 per cent.

International flights are still not back to pre-Covid levels. The ban on scheduled international passenger flights was extended till February 28, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation said on Thursday.

The regulator has allowed flights on selected routes on a case-to-case basis and under bilateral “air bubble” arrangements with selected countries since July. India has formed air bubble pacts with some two dozen countries, including the US, the UK, the UAE, Kenya, Bhutan and France.

Reopening of Cinema halls

From February 1, cinemas will be able to operate at 100 per cent capacity. They were first allowed to open with 50 per cent capacity in October.