Sakhi Mandals using medicinal plants in making hand sanitizers

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A World Health Organization standard hand sanitizer should contain 70% alcohol which helps kill the virus on the hands

A Sakhi Mandal (Self-Help Group) in Jharkhand’s Khunti district is using medicinal plants along with other ingredients to prepare hand sanitizer in their fight against COVID-19 pandemic, a government official said.

Lemon grass or basil oil is also being added to the hand sanitizer by the Sakhi Mandal as it is a medicinal plant and increase the effectiveness of the sanitizer, the official said.

A total of 225 litres of hand sanitizer have been manufactured in Khunti by the Sakhi Mandal and the quantity would be increased to 1,000 litres in the next two days, he said.


The hand sanitizers have been packaged in 100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml bottles. “The amount of alcohol in the sanitizer manufactured in Khunti is 72 per cent, glycerine is 13 per cent, distilled water is 13 per cent and basil or lemongrass is 2 per cent,” he said, about the mixture of the sanitizer.

In all, eight women are engaged in the preparation of the hand sanitizer in their fight against COVID-19 with the help of Khunti district administration and Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society at Anigada Rural Service Centre at Panikada village of Khunti district.

“There is a plan to set up roadside stalls at various places between 8 am and 11 am by the Didis of the Sakhi Mandal to make the hand sanitizer accessible to the common people,” he said.

Meanwhile, an official release said Rs 10 crore was donated by Tata Company and one crore by Adani Group to the Chief Ministers Relief Fund to fight the coronavirus

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