On live TV, nurse faints after getting Pfizer vaccine shot in US

She later told the media she has a condition that sometimes causes her to faint when she feels pain

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A nurse at a Chattanooga hospital in Tennessee (US), Tiffany Dover, fainted during a press conference after being injected with the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine. She was, at the time, addressing a press conference when she lifted her hand to her head, apologised, and said: “Sorry, I’m feeling really dizzy,” after which she slowly walked away and fainted. The episode was captured live on TV. Doctors were seen lowering her to the ground.

Before she fainted, Tiffany addressed the press conference, saying: “All of my staff, you know, we are excited to get the vaccine. We are in the COVID unit, so, therefore, you know, my team will be getting the first chances to get the vaccine.”

Reports suggest Tiffany Dover later told the media that she has a condition that sometimes causes her to faint when she feels pain.


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After recovering, she said, “It just hit me all of the sudden, I could feel it coming on. I felt a little disoriented but I feel fine now, and the pain in my arm is gone.”

The video of the nurse went viral on social media, and triggered some users to say they were apprehensive of taking the vaccine.

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The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says there have been reports of incident of fainting after almost all vaccines; this has been explained by scientists as possibly because of pain or anxiety associated with the vaccination process.