India-US partnership stronger than ever: Modi after Trump’s remarks on drug export

Modi said India would do “everything possible” to help humanity's fight against COVID-19

President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi carried the idea of developing international ties forward with renewed vigour and established a personal rapport. File photo: PTI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday (April 9) responded to US President Donald Trump’s praises on Twitter over India’s decision to lift the ban on the export of anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine, saying the India-US partnership was “stronger than ever”.

Modi tweeted, “Fully agree with you President @realDonaldTrump. Times like these bring friends closer. The India-US partnership is stronger than ever.”

He added that India would do “everything possible” to help humanity’s fight against COVID-19. “We shall win this together,” he said.


Modi’s tweet came after the US president, making a U-turn, appreciated the Prime Minister for his decision to export hydroxychloroquine.

Trump had taken to Twitter and said, “Extraordinary times require even closer cooperation between friends. Thank you India and the Indian people for the decision on HCQ. Will not be forgotten!”

He also thanked Modi for his “strong leadership in helping not just India, but humanity, in this fight.”

Earlier, India, a major producer of hydroxychloroquine, had decided to ban the export of the drug after it appeared to be a cure for people infected by the coronavirus.

Trump, in a seemingly displeased response, had said they may have to “retaliate” if they did not receive their supply of the drug.

“I spoke to him Sunday morning and said, ‘We’d appreciate your allowing our supply to come out.’ If he doesn’t allow it to come out, that would be okay, but of course, there may be retaliation. Why wouldn’t there be? I would be surprised if he would, you know, because India does very well with the United States,” Trump had said.

Following this, India lifted its ban on hydroxychloroquine a few hours later, saying they would supply it to the countries that were in most need of it, on a case-to-case basis.

India manufactures 70 percent of the world’s entire hydroxychloroquine supply, according to Sudarshan Jain, secretary-general of the Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance.