Diwali effect? India’s weekly COVID cases exceed recoveries after 5 weeks

As of Saturday (November 28), the country had 93.51 lakh coronavirus cases while the number of active cases in the country stood at 4.54 lakh

COVID-19 surface coating
The coating, which is clear and can be brushed or sprayed on, uses antimicrobial molecules derived from tea tree oil and cinnamon oil, both used for centuries as safe and effective germ killers that work in under two minutes | File Photo

After almost five weeks, India again reported more number of cases of coronavirus than recoveries during the seven days ending November 28. The country reported a total of about 3 lakh new cases of COVID-19 while the recoveries were only 2.81 lakh. This difference between the two parameters signals a probable surge in the spread of coronavirus.

As of November 28, the country had reported 93.51 lakh cases while the number of active cases in the country stood at 4.54 lakh. This is about 4.87% of the total caseload as of November 28. About 87.59 lakh patients have been cured or discharged from hospitals during the same time. The death toll stands at 1.36 lakh.

The country has reported more than three lakh (3,00,512) cases during the week ending November 28. This is about 10% more than the previous week that had reported 2.77 lakh fresh cases.


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On the other hand, the number of recoveries has also gone down over the last two weeks. The week ended November 28 saw about 2.81 lakh recoveries across the country; in the previous week it was 3.10 lakh. The week prior to that had reported about 3.43 lakh recoveries.

Tuesday (November 24) and Saturday (November 28) were the only days when recoveries were more than the number of new cases. The rest of the days had more cases than recoveries.

The death toll in the country has crossed 1.36 lakh. While the daily average of fatalities has dropped below 500 deaths (about 496 deaths every day), the number of deaths is still rising. The drop in fatalities suggests that our battle against the virus is getting stronger by each passing day.

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The country has managed to maintain the declining trend in death rate since the beginning of the pandemic. This is another positive side of our battle against the virus. The death rate constantly remained at 1.46% last week. This figure was 1.47% in the previous week.

The death rate is the number of people who succumbed out of every 100 infected patients. The lower the death rate, stronger is the cure mechanism of the respective region or the country.

Another positive sign during post-Diwali days is the lower test positivity rate (TPR) in India. TPR is the number of positive patients per 100 tests. The current TPR of the country stands at 6.76%, which means that 676 persons turned out to be positive out of every 10,000 tested.

The daily TPR has been below 5% for over a month. The daily TPR for the last week was in the range of 3-5% like the previous week. The highest TPR in a week was reported on Monday (November 23) which was 5.19% while the lowest TPR was on Tuesday (November 24) at 3.45%.