After black fungus, cases of white fungus worry doctors, patients

The infection is said to be more dangerous than black fungus

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As India grapples with a rise in the number of cases of mucormycosis, or ‘black fungus’, in COVID-19 patients, authorities are now reporting the emergence of another infection called ‘white fungus’.

These cases have been reported in Patna, Bihar, and the infection is more dangerous than black fungus, Dr Arunesh Kumar, senior consultant and head respiratory medicine/pulmonology, Paras Hospital, told The Indian Express website.

According to Zee News, Dr SN Singh, head of the Microbiology, Department of PMCH, confirmed white fungus cases. He said four patients showed all the symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, but tested negative in every test. The doctor said that during a detailed investigation, it was found that they were infected with white fungus.

According to Dr Kumar, white fungus can be caused by low immunity or if people come in contact with things such as moulds.


“Patients of white fungus show COVID-like symptoms but test negative; the infection can be diagnosed through CT-Scan or X-ray,” the doctor said.

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White fungus can affect not just the lungs but also nails, skin, stomach, kidney, brain, private parts and mouth, he added.

“Those who have weak immunity like diabetes, cancer patients, and those who are taking steroids for a long period of time must take special care as they are more at risk. It is also affecting those coronavirus patients who are on oxygen support,” Dr Kumar told The Indian Express.