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Soon, background noise may recharge your Xiaomi smartphone

Xiaomi is developing a tech to recharge smartphones with just sound; patent documents reveal electronics giant's solution may do away with power sockets

Chinese smartphone major Xiaomi is said to developing a charging technology that uses only sound, doing away with messy wires and power sockets. It will use sound to refuel batteries of not only smartphone but also other devices, say media reports.

“Chinese media have found a patent on the portal of the China National Intellectual Property Administration, also known as Chinese Patent Office or CNIPA,” said a report in Xiaomi Today. “In this document, presented in 2019 but accepted only today (June 18), reference is made to one Xiaomi charging via sound. Specifically, the patent is presented with a number CN112994199A.”

There are three key components mentioned in the patent document, said the report: a sound collection device, multiple energy conversion devices and a power conversion device.

How the technology works

The technology is seemingly simple. Sound in the environment is converted into mechanical vibration, which in turn is converted into alternating current (using an unspecified device), and then into direct current.

“This will go, with a mechanism similar to that of the aerial recharge, to recharge our smartphone,” said the Xiaomi Today report. “This is the first time we have heard of such technology and it may even be premature to talk about it. After all, it is a patent…we do not know when and if it will come to life.”

The patent application, reportedly first spotted by MySmartPrice, suggests the technology entirely does away with the need for power sockets.

MySmartPrice noted that Xiaomi is working on several other charging techniques, too. “The company recently demoed its Air Charge technology that can charge devices wirelessly without any cables or stands,” it said. “Another charging tech showcased recently was the HyperCharge technology that comes with 200W wired fast charging support.”

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