Slowdown continues in auto industry, car sales slump to 1.34% in Dec

Car sales

Showing no signs of recovery, sales of domestic passenger vehicles clocked a 1.34% decline in December as compared with the year-ago period. The sales dipped to 2,35,786 units last month while during the same period in 2018, it stood at 2,38,753.

Domestic car sales were down 8.4% to 1,42,126 units as against 1,55,159 units in December 2018, according to data released by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM). Motorcycle sales last month declined 12.01% to 6,97,819 units as against 7,93,042 a year earlier.

Total two-wheeler sales in December declined 16.6% to 10,50,038 units compared to 12,59,007 in the year-ago month. Sales of commercial vehicles were down 12.32% to 66,622 units in December SIAM said.

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Vehicle sales across categories registered a decline of 13.08% to 14,05,776 units from 16,17,398 units in December 2018, it added. In 2019, the passenger vehicle sales declined by 12.75% to 29,62,052 units as compared with 33,94,790 units in 2018.

Vehicle sales across categories declined by 13.77% in January-December 2019 to 2,30,73,438 units as against 2,67,58,787 in 2018.

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