Online trading apps Zerodha, Groww report issues with authorisation

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App-based online trading platforms Zerodha and Groww on Monday (October 18) reported issues in their online trade mechanism for some time before it was resolved.

Earlier in the day, Zerodha told users who trade stocks on its platforms that they may face issue with authorising stocks sale. The issue primarily was with Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL) authorisation and are in touch to resolve the issue.

“You may face an issue with authorizing the sale of your stocks due to an issue with CDSL. We are in touch with CDSL to have the issue resolved at the earliest,” it said through a tweet and also through a notification via its app.


Groww, another online trading platform, said it was having issues with CDSL TPIN.

“CDSL is facing issues in verifying sell orders with TPIN. Their team is working on it,” its notification said.

Zerodha and Groww have smartphone apps which allow users to trade in stocks on a real time basis through the CDSL platform.

Zerodha later told users that they could skip the CDSL authorisation if they wished to sell their holdings on Kite, but added that they would need to authorise the holdings by 5pm.

“You can now skip CDSL authorisation if you wish to sell your holdings on Kite until CDSL resolves the authorization issue. Please make sure to authorise your holdings by 5 PM,” it said.

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Around 2pm, Zerodha said the CDSL TPIN issue had been resolved and users could authorise their holdings immediately.

Zerodha has faced similar issues in the past, which disallowed users from carrying out stock trade. This sometimes affected users from making gains and registering losses.

As per a filing with NSE on September 30, 2021, Zerodha said it had more than 4.9 million active clients.