Ola Electric Car
Ola electric car will have a range of 500 km per charge and can go 0-100 km within 4 seconds. Photo: Screengrab (YouTube/Ola Electric)

Ola electric car with 500km range to launch in 2024: All you need to know

On the occasion of India’s 75th anniversary of Independence today (August 15), Ola Electric announced that it is building an electric car that will be available in 2024.

Ola Electric founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal announced Ola’s electric car during a live stream.

According to Aggarwal, Ola’s electric car project will be “the most ambitious car project ever undertaken in India” and the electric car will be “built in India, by Indians, but for the entire world”.

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Ola Electric’s announcement comes amid concerns over its electric scooters catching fire and also the company, in April, had recalled over 1,400 units of e-scooters.

Aggarwal said, “There is something magical about cars… Today, India is a young, energetic and extremely ambitious country. But the cars we build now are dull and boring.”

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“Indian car makers are conservative thinking we only want small cars or maybe mid-sized cars. Global automakers think that the ‘Indian market’ is not ready for world-class technology and hence sell their hand-me-down tech in India. We need to change this. We deserve a car that defines this new India. And India that is fearless and believes in writing its own destiny,” he added.

As per Aggarwal, Ola’s electric car will be “one of the fastest cars in India” with 0-100 km within four seconds. It will have a range of more than 500 kilometres per charge. It will also have keyless and handleless features besides an all-glass roof.

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“So, what is our car going to be like? Our car is going to be one of the fastest cars in India, with 0-100 km in 4 seconds. It will have a range of more than 500km per charge. It will be the sportiest car ever built in India. With an all-glass roof, designed and delivered at drag co-efficient of less than .21 best in its class. It will have our very own MoveOS, one of the most advanced computers in a car. Assisted driving capability is as good as any other car in the world. Not only keyless like our scooters but literally handleless. It will have the best performance, best design and the best technology ever built in a car in India. It is set to arrive in 2024,” Aggarwal said.

“We are so excited to be building this car. With these goals, this is the most ambitious car project ever undertaken in India. Built in India, by Indians, but for the entire world,” he added.

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