About us

The Federal is a digital platform disseminating news, analysis and commentary. It seeks to look at India from the perspective of the states with special focus on the south.

The advent of social media and influence of technology is changing the face of journalism, and we seek to embrace it by bringing together journalists, designers, engineers, data analysts and product managers in our newsroom and craft new ways of credible story-telling.

Since we are living in an age of extreme view points we seek to bring back the much needed balance in news. We seek to analyse and probe in-depth issues which are relevant to a citizen but are often ignored.

We are a division of New Generation Media Corporation Private Limited that has several print and media products. The company launched its first, news and information magazine, in Tamil, called Puthiya Thalaimurai in 2009. The print division also runs specialised magazines devoted to women and education sector.

In 2011 New Generation Media launched its first television news channel by the same name — Puthiya Thalaimurai. The channel, a hit from day-one, pioneered several new trends in Tamil TV journalism. Till date, it continues to enjoy a pre-eminent position. 

The company also runs an entertainment channel called Puthu Yugam.

The Federal is its first English news venture