When virtual takes the meaning out of learning, and life

What is the point of online education if it doesn’t lead to solution-finding, community bonding or simply an overall development of the individual and the society as a whole? | Pixabay Photo

Nithin, 23, was finishing up the second semester of M.Com in an MG University-affiliated college in Kottayam, Kerala when the pandemic struck. His last year of college was spent entirely online. Five hours of back-to-back digital classes followed by umpteen assignments. Scores of video uploads to watch before the next class, webinars that warranted compulsory attendance.

“Online classes actually meant being logged-in all the time. No college tour, no internship, not even a farewell ceremony. This was the most depressing year of my student life!”

Remya, 20, is a final year B.Sc Botany student who has applied for the post of a probationary clerk in a nationalised bank.......