Instagram no longer a photo-sharing app; set to add multiple features

Instagram chief says the company, inspired by the success of TikTok and YouTube, is now mulling to introduce more entertainment and videos

Instagram head Adam Mosseri

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram has said that the social networking platform is not more a dedicated photo sharing app as the company, inspired by the success of TikTok and YouTube, is now mulling to introduce more entertainment and videos.

In a video message posted on Instagram, Mosseri said the platform has graduated from solely being a photo-sharing app as its users now watch videos.

“Changes are coming to video on Instagram. At Instagram we’re always trying to build new features that help you get the most out of your experience. Right now we’re focused on four key areas: Creators, video, shopping and messaging,” Mosseri tweeted.


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Mosseri said to keep up with competition posed by TikTok and YouTube, Instagram plans to experiment with new video upgrades in the “recommendation” space. As part of this, users will get recommendations of videos from pages they may not be following, yet will have the option to choose their preferred topics. Full-screen viewing option will be available to make these videos more immersive for the audience, he said.

The social media company also plans to enhance its Creator tolls, shopping element and messenger, reports said.

The upcoming changes are said to be Instagram’s plan to tackle the competition posed by TikTok and YouTubeShorts, the latest clue being the fact that Instagram Reels, a rival of Tik Tok can be viewed on full-screen mode.

The social networking platform reportedly has also been tinkering with its shopping features to sell sponsored merchandise or Creators’ recommended/endorsed product on the app. While the older version of the app had a shopping section under the explore feed, the company is said to introduce options to tag products on IGTV and Reels.

Analysis by media houses say that Mosseri’s statement that the platform will no longer be a “square photo-sharing app” sends out a clear message that the app is preparing to rebrand itself as a “general entertainment app driven by algorithms and videos”.


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