Tick Tock Day, December 29, annual celebration, goals
Tick Tock Day - to take stock of the year that has passed.

December 29 is annual Tick Tock Day; time is ticking by, it says

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As annual celebrations go, Tick Tock Day, which is observed on December 29, must be one of the unusual ones. Not too many people are even aware of it.

Tick Tock Day indicates to us that the year is coming to an end, and it is important to achieve all the goals we had set for ourselves at the beginning of the year in our New Year resolutions.

Origins of Tick Tock Day

There are different versions of how this day originated. According to one, two friends came up with this idea when they were looking for a way to celebrate the New Year without alcohol involved.

The other version gives the credit to Thomas Roy, an American film, television, and voiceover actor, and his wife, Ruth Roy. They wanted people to look back at the past year and try to complete all the unaccomplished tasks before the new year began. It could be some change they wanted in themselves, to get rid of an old habit or to acquire a new one, to do something good for somebody, or to get rid of unwanted things in the house.

It is also a day to decide to carry over some still-to-be-achieved goals to the new year and to strike off others altogether.

Importance of this day

Tick Tock Day reminds us of the tremendous value of time in our lives, how precious every second is, and how we can never recover the time that is lost. It is a day to look back at our lives and express gratitude for everything that has happened and appreciate the fact that we are alive. It also helps us to resolve not to waste time during the new year.

Use the day to set goals for the new year

Most people now realise the importance of setting goals and drawing up plans to achieve them. This is a day when we could write down our new year’s resolutions.

Our health is probably the most important aspect of our lives, and what better way to start the new year than with exercise-oriented goals.

Walking is one exercise that is inexpensive, the least complicated, and can have multiple benefits, including reducing blood pressure or risk for cancer, heart disease, stroke, or type 2 diabetes. It can also help improve your mood and is the best time to ideate.

Another goal could be to reduce all kinds of stress in our lives by consciously analyzing the source of our stress and finding ways to mitigate it.

A third resolution could be to improve our relationships by getting out of harmful ones and strengthening the bonds with those we love.

Let’s make the most of Tick Tock Day. In India, there are just hours left for the day to end.

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