Udhayanidhi Stalin
DMK's Udhayanidhi Stalin said BJP is a “poisonous snake” trying to enter Tamil Nadu and urged people to drive it away along with AIADMK. | File photo

Udhayanidhi now calls BJP ‘venomous snake’, posts burning ‘mosquito coil’ on X

The Tamil Nadu minister had earlier compared Sanatana Dharma with vector-borne diseases dengue and malaria.

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DMK leader Udhayanidhi Stalin has accused the BJP of being a “poisonous snake” that is trying to sneak into Tamil Nadu and urged the people to drive away along with the “garbage” AIADMK.

He made the comments at a wedding event of DMK MLA Sabha Rajendran at Neyveli in Tamil Nadu’s Cuddalore district on Sunday, media reports said. "If a poisonous snake enters your home, it will not be enough to just throw it away because it may hide in the rubbish near your home,” said Udhayanidhi Stalin, son of Tamil Nadu chief minister MK Stalin.

“Unless you clear the bushes, the snake will keep returning to your home. Now, if we compare this to the current situation, I consider Tamil Nadu as our home, the poisonous snake as the BJP, and the rubbish near our home as the AIADMK,” he added.

“Unless you clear the rubbish, you will not be able to keep the poisonous snake away. To get rid of the BJP, you need to eliminate the AIADMK as well," he said. “We must ensure that both of them are defeated in the (2024 Lok Sabha) elections,” the Tamil Nadu minister added.

Shares cryptic post

Meanwhile, the Sanatana Dharma row refuses to die down in Tamil Nadu with Udhayanidhi on Monday (September 11) posting a picture of burning mosquito coil on X (Twitter) days after comparing Sanatana Dharma with vector-borne diseases dengue and malaria.

Though the Twitter post doesn’t have any caption, the picture of a burning mosquito coil has once again sparked controversy among political parties. Interestingly, it comes hours ahead of BJP’s protest led by BJP state president K Annamalai. The protest will be held across Tamil Nadu against Stalin and will also demand that the offices of Hindu Charitable Department be blocked in all the districts of the state.

The BJP has been seeking apology by Udhayanidhi, but the tweet by the DMK leader appears to be an indirect way of him saying that he stands by what he said on Sanatana Dharma.

On the other hand, Tamil Nadu BJP leader Vinoj P Selvam has hit out against the ruling party saying, “DMK has always been an anti-Hindu party and they continue to be the same. Only during elections, the leaders of this party throng to the temples and posts photos and videos, otherwise throughout the time they are in power, they always resort to minority appeasement."

AIADMK spokesperson Kovai Sathyan also reacted to the latest post by Udhayanidhi and said: “It is in DNA of DMK to attack believe and sentiments of the majority. Udhayanidhi is following footsteps of his father and grandfather.”

Sanatana Dharma row

On his Sanatana Dharma comment which sparked a massive controversy, Stalin junior reiterated that his remarks were misconstrued and falsely portrayed as a call for genocide.

“My words were twisted and it was falsely claimed that I called for genocide. To be honest, genocide is occurring in Manipur, where the BJP (rules), with hundreds of people killed.”

Since Sanatana Dharma promoted evil practice of sati and treated women like slaves, the Dravidian movement opposed it and liberated people from such nauseating practices and superstitious beliefs, Udhayanidhi said. “The DMK had been speaking against Sanatana Dharma for decades and would continue doing so,” he added.

Udhayanidhi Stalin's remarks came days after Lok Sabha MP and DMK leader A Raja compared Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a snake.

“Everyone is ready to beat the snake called Modi but no one has the antidote for a snakebite. They all approach with sticks but they fear being bitten by the snake. However, Periyar, Anna and we alone possess the antidote. North Indians have realised that Dravidam is the antidote capable of neutralising the poisonous snake,” he added.

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