Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has told MPs that the right decisions should be taken at the right time. File photo

Political compulsions must not delay right decisions, PM tells MPs

Every Indian wanted country to succeed in the Make in India programme, says Modi

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Taking forward his speech in parliament on Monday, when he emphasised it was time to take historic decisions, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that the right decisions should be taken at the right time. He was addressing both Houses in the Central Hall of the old Parliament building.

“We have to take the right decision at the right time. We cannot let political compulsions delay us from taking the right decisions,” Mod said at the Central Hall before the shifting of parliament to the new building.

The statements come a day as the Union cabinet approved a bill to give reservation to women in parliament. It is expected to be introduced in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday.

Elaborating his vision for the development of India, Modi said the country must take steps to make India ‘atma nirbhar’ because every Indian wanted the country to succeed in the Make in India programme, especially in defence, energy security and essential items like edible oil.

Modi appeals

“We have to work towards being the best in the world in the manufacturing sector. It is no longer sufficient that our products are the best in our villages, our districts, and our country. We have to be the best in the world.

“I had said from the Red Fort that there is a need for zero defect, zero effect policy where there should be no defect in our products and the process should not have an effect on the environment,” Modi added.

Modi also appealed to the MPs that it was their duty to work towards helping people achieve their aspirations because India had transformed in the past few years and people expected the parliamentarians to meet their aspirations.

“It is our responsibility that every law made in parliament, the discussion held in parliament, should encourage the aspiration of the people. It is our responsibility and also the expectation of every Indian that the Parliament fulfils their aspirations.

Parliament’s achievements

“I want to ask everyone if it is possible to make a big picture on a small canvas? Just like we cannot make a big picture on a small canvas, we have to think of India on a large canvas, we can no longer think of India on a small canvas.

“We have to use our 75 years of experience to be able to paint a picture of a grand India,” said the prime minister.

Modi said that abrogation of Article 370 and making instant triple talaq illegal were some of the decisions taken by parliament. He said in the last 75 years, more than 4,000 laws have been enacted in parliament.

“We must remember that this parliament also corrected its mistake in the Shah Bano case. Muslim mothers and sisters got justice because of this parliament by making instant triple talaq illegal, and this decision was taken by everyone together.

“In the last few years, parliament has also passed laws giving justice to transgender. We have passed laws that will guarantee a bright future for the specially-abled. It is our privilege that we got the opportunity to abrogate Article 370 from the Parliament, and now Jammu and Kashmir is on the path of peace and development,” added Modi.

The prime minister also proposed that the old parliament should be renamed and it should be called ‘Samvidhan Sadan’.

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