UN dismisses Nithyanandas Kailasa submissions at Geneva meetings
Earlier this year, an all-woman delegation from Kailasa raised eyebrows after it participated in a UN event. File photo

Paraguay official replaced after signing MoU with Nithyananda’s fictitious country Kailasa

The official was allegedly duped into signing the document after a delegation of Kailasa representatives offered to help Paraguay with a host of issues including irrigation

An official in Paraguay was replaced after he signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with ‘delegates’ of the United States of Kailasa, a fictitious country founded by fugitive Indian guru Nithyananda.

On Wednesday (November 29), Arnaldo Chamorro was replaced as chief of staff for Paraguay’s Agriculture Ministry after it came to light that he had signed a “proclamation” with the alleged representatives of Kailasa.

Self-styled godman Nithyananda is an accused in cases of rape and abduction and has been on the run since 2019. In 2020, he had announced that he has founded a national called the United States of Kailasa. His current whereabouts are not known.

The official website of Kailasa describes it the “revival of the ancient enlightened Hindu civilisational nation which is being revived by displaced Hindus from around the world.”

Why the deal was signed?

In the ‘proclamation’ signed on October 16, the representatives of Kailasa had expressed a “sincere wish and recommendation for the government of Paraguay to consider, explore and actively seek the establishment of diplomatic relations with the United States of Kailasa and support the admission of the United States of Kailasa as a sovereign and independent state in various international organisations, including, among others, the United Nations,” a copy of the document said.

According to reports, Chamorro and Agriculture Minister, Carlos Gimenez, had met the so-called Kailasa representatives on a radio interview.

While Chamorro during the interview had said that he didn’t know where Kailasa was located, he signed the MoU because the delegation offered to help Paraguay with a host of issues including irrigation.

The development triggered a scandal leading to Chamorro resignation.

Just one of many scams

It is not the first time an official was duped by the representatives of Nithyananda’s ‘country’ who are said to have taken several officials in the country for a ride.

Photos shared by Kailasa’s social media accounts also showed its ‘representatives’ inking deals with local leaders of Maria Antonia and Karpai municipalities.

In February this year, a woman named Vijayapriya Nithyananda made headlines after she was seen representing Kailasa at a meeting of the United Nations, inviting both amusement and rebuke on social media. She was reportedly in Geneva with an all-woman delegation of Kailasa.

While Kailasa is not among the 193 countries recognised by the UN, the UN under certain condition allows the United Nationals Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) to take note of human rights violations from people and organisations. Vijayapriya had used the provision to attend the event and share how their leader was being allegedly persecuted.

After facing criticism, the UN later clarified that the statements of the Kailasa representatives are “irrelevant” and “tangential” and will be ignored.

In March this year, the Newark city hall in New Jersey had also said that it was scammed into signing a sister city agreement with Kailasa.

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