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GPT-4o is now available for free to all users | File photo

OpenAI unveils GPT-4o, a game-changer in AI interaction. And it’s free!

With enhanced performance and human-like interactions, OpenAI's latest release GPT-4o steals the spotlight

OpenAI has just rolled out a souped-up version of its popular ChatGPT AI tool, dubbed GPT-4o. This new product offers enhanced performance and more human-like interactions.

It's now available for free to all users.

This update comes hot on the heels of Google's anticipated Gemini announcement, but OpenAI stole the spotlight with its big reveal in San Francisco.

At the eagerly awaited launch event in San Francisco, Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati expressed great enthusiasm about introducing GPT-4o to OpenAI's entire community of free users.


CTO Murati shared the excitement, showcasing GPT-4o's versatility across voice, text, and images, with paid customers enjoying unlimited access.

In a blog post, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman expressed his excitement about the new voice (and video) mode, describing it as the most impressive computer interface he has encountered.

He likened its experience to AI depicted in movies, insisting how conversing with a computer now feels incredibly natural to him.

Will revolutionise interactions

Demonstrations at the launch event showcased GPT-4o's ability to interpret language, facial expressions, and even tackle complex problems like algebra.

From translating menus to recommending dishes, this AI is set to revolutionise interactions.

The company claimed that GPT-4o maintains the same capabilities as its predecessor regarding text, reasoning, and coding intelligence.

Also, it sets new benchmarks in the industry for multilingual conversations, audio comprehension, and visual interpretation.

OpenAI enhancing existing line-up

Despite the buzz surrounding a potential AI-powered search tool, OpenAI has focused on enhancing its existing product line-up.

While major releases like GPT-5 may be on the horizon, the company is taking its time. This ensures each model meets industry standards for performance and usability.

With OpenAI making GPT-4o freely available, questions arise about their monetization strategy. However, Altman reassures that they'll find plenty to charge for in the future.

At their live event, they showcased GPT-4o's speed and expanded capabilities, signalling a new era of AI interaction.

Musk takes a jab

Meanwhile, Tesla's Elon Musk slammed OpenAI's latest unveiling.

Musk, known for his critical stance on OpenAI, expressed discomfort with the company's latest AI models demonstration.

In response to the event, Musk commented that it made him "cringe".

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