Manipur will be peaceful; NDA will have record win in 2024: PM in 130-min reply
Prime Minister Modi during his speech in the Lok Sabha on Thursday

Manipur will be peaceful; NDA will have record win in 2024: PM in 130-min reply

Several Opposition parties, including the Congress, walked out by the time the PM touched on the Manipur issue

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday (August 10) slammed the Opposition alliance INDIA as a collection of arrogant dynasties who will take India back by two centuries as he exuded confidence that people will bless "garib ka beta" with a record-breaking mandate in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

In his over 130-minute reply in Lok Sabha to the no-confidence brought by opposition parties, Modi seized on Rahul Gandhi's now-expunged reference to his government's alleged assault on Bharat Mata in Manipur during his speech a day before to launch a counterattack, saying some are wishing death to Maa Bharti even though their party has a history of dividing India and assaulting its people.

"The Congress chopped off mother India's limbs and divided her into three when the time came for freeing her from slavery," he said, describing Rahul Gandhi as a "failed product" whose repeated launches have always failed.

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Reaching out to the people of Manipur, he said the entire country is with them, those behind heinous and unforgivable crimes against women will be given stringent punishment and the Centre and state governments are working together to restore peace in the ethnic violence-hit state soon.

Several Opposition parties, including the Congress, had walked out by the time he touched on the Manipur issue, accusing him of not speaking on the matter. The no-confidence motion was later defeated by a voice vote. With the Congress and its allies constantly targeting him over the situation in the state, where over 150 people have died since May, the prime minister returned fire by describing the politics of the grand old party as the rootcause of problems plaguing Manipur and the entire North East region.

Modi's cricketing analogy

Modi used cricketing analogy to take a swipe at the INDIA bloc, saying while centuries were being scored from the treasury benches, the Opposition bowled no-balls during the no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha.

Modi repeatedly took jibes at the Opposition saying they were not prepared for the discussion.

"What kind of debate you have done on the no-confidence motion. I am seeing on social media, even your darbaris (courtiers) are disappointed. This is your condition," the prime minister said.

"See the fun of this debate, fielding was laid out by opposition, but fours and sixes were hit from here (treasury benches). The Opposition is bowling only no-balls in the no-confidence motion," Modi said.

"There are centuries being scored from this side and no-balls being bowled from that side. I would like to tell my Opposition friends why dont they prepare and come," he said.

Congress trusted Pakistan

Modi said Congress and allies trusted Pakistan more whenever a terrorist attack took place but never paid heed to the feelings of the citizens of the country. Modi said the Congress and its allies have a history of not trusting the inherent strength of India and its Armed Forces, but they reached out to separatists in Kashmir. "Whom did they believe? Pakistan used to attack our borders, they used to send across terrorists and then Pakistan would shrug off its responsibility, it never took any responsibility. They had such love for Pakistan that they used to believe Pakistan immediately," the prime minister said. "Pakistan used to say terror attacks will take place and talks will also take place. They even went to the extent to believe that if Pakistan is saying, it must be true," he said.

Modi said Kashmir was burning in the fire of terrorism, but the Congress government did not believe the common man. "They used to trust the Hurriyat, they used to trust the separatists, they used to believe those who carried the Pakistani flag," he said. The prime minister said when India carried out surgical strikes on terrorism, and air strikes, the Congress and its allies did not believe the armed forces, they trusted the claims of the enemy. Modi said the opposition possessed an amazing magnetic power to lap up every word spoken against India and amplify it across the country.

Uses HAL as an example

Taking a swipe at Congress, he said they seem to have been blessed with a "secret boon" that anyone whom them wish ill will prosper. He was an example of this, Modi said, adding that he has been targeted for over 20 years.

Opposition leaders targeted banking sector, the public-run Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and Life Insurance Corporation of India, the prime minister said, noting that government sector banks have made record profits. The HAL has notched up record revenue and the LIC has been also doing exceptionally well, he added.

"Now they are cursing the country, the country to going to get stronger," he said, asserting that the government will also grow in strength. Modi said India is gong through a very important and critical phase of time and its impact will be felt for the next 1,000 years. The strength and hard work of people will lay a strong foundation for the next 1,000 years, he added.

Citing a NITI Aayog report, the prime minister said over 13.5 crore people have been lifted out of poverty in the last 5 years.

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