Slovakias Prime Minister Robert Fico

Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico arrives for a cabinet's away-from-home session in the town of Handlova, Slovakia, on Wednesday, May, 15. Fico was shot and injured after the away-from-home government meeting in Handlova. AP/PTI

Slovakia PM Robert Fico still in serious condition, suspect appears in court

Pezinok, May 18 (AP) Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico's condition was stable but serious Saturday as the man accused of trying to assassinate him faced his first court appearance.

Health Minister Zuzana Dolinkova said two-hour surgery Friday to remove dead tissue from multiple gunshot wounds “contributed to a positive prognosis” for Fico.

Defence Minister Robert Kalinak said his condition still makes it impossible to transport him to the capital, Bratislava.

The update on Fico's condition came as the man accused of attempting to assassinate him made his first court appearance Saturday, Slovak state media said. AP

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