Jawan movie release in Kolkata
What is drawing a lot of attention in political circles is the scene in which Shah Rukh gives citizens a lecture on voting for the right candidate during elections. He advises them not to vote on the basis of caste and religion but to ask the political candidates questions about the kind of medical care and education they can provide

Congress or BJP: Which regime does 'Jawan' criticise? Jury is out

While AAP and Congress believe SRK is slamming the ruling party in 'Jawan', BJP thanks the actor for highlighting Congress' corrupt rule in the film. Which political party is the film targetting?

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Every political party wants a piece of Shah Rukh Khan in his latest hit ‘Jawan’. While the AAP and Congress believe the Bollywood superstar was slamming the ruling party BJP in 'Jawan', the BJP seemed to thank Shah Rukh for highlighting the Congress' corrupt rule in the past. So, which regime is the film really targetting?

‘Jawan’, a full-fledged masala entertainer, is replete with political messages like any superstar driven Tamil movie. It targets corrupt politicians and a lackadaisical government for farmers’ suicides, lack of oxygen cylinders in hospitals and faulty weapons for the army.

Shah Rukh, in a double role as father and son, plays an armed vigilante who rebels against all the injustice in the system to hold the government to ransom and ensure they do their duties. Also, what is drawing a lot of attention in political circles is the lecture he gives citizens on voting for the right candidate during elections.

“Instead of voting for fear, money, caste, religion, community, ask questions to those who came to ask for your vote. Ask him what will you do for me in the next 5 years? If someone in the family falls ill, what will you do for his treatment? What will you do to get me a job? What will you do to take the country forward?”, he says in one scene exhortating people to vote with care.

AAP believes SRK is rooting for them

This dialogue, especially with the national elections next year, has prompted AAP to believe he is talking for them.

Arvind Kejriwal, AAP leader did not waste time to quote Shah Rukh in 'Jawan' who had said votes should not be given on the basis of religion and caste, and to instead ask them (political parties) if they would give good education and medical care..."Only AAP asks for votes on the promise of providing education to their children," AAP chief declared.

Several other AAP leaders have also shared this particular dialogue claiming his messaging in the film is similar to the AAP campaigns. This included Raghav Chadha, AAP Delhi's Spokesperson & State Joint Secretary Ghanendra Bhardwaj, MLA Rohit Kumar Mehraulia and others pointing out that Kejriwal has been saying this for years.

Congress sees their hand in Jawan

While Congress supporters believe that he is supporting the grand old party with his lecture to people on voting. And, some X users have even posted a picture of him showing the hand while delivering his speech on voting, which is being construed as a sign that he is asking people to vote for Congress!

An enthusiastic Congress could not stop gushing over the film. Congress national spokesperson Supriya Shrinate heaping praise on the film called it "bold" and “brave” and said that it rightfully teaches voters what they should and shouldn’t do before casting their crucial vote in elections. According to Shrinate, the film promotes issues that the Opposition parties have been raising with the voters. They also felt the film had "rattled" the BJP.

I.N.D.I.A. bloc leaders to went to town pointing out dialogues which they felt was against the ruling party.

This quote is widely being shared by Opposition leaders to drive this point home: “Jo aapse vote maang raha hai aap unsee sawal pucho. Pucho unse ki agle 5 saal tak mere liye kya karoge.” ( Pose questions to the leader who is seeking votes from you. Ask him what he plans to do for you in the next five years.)

BJP believes it is anti-Congress

Meanwhile, Gaurav Bhatia, BJP spokesperson put out a post on X (formerly Twitter) claiming the movie was indeed backing the ruling party and was against the Congress. He deduced that 'Jawan' was shedding light on the “corrupt and policy-stalled Congress rule from 2004 to 2014” and thanked the superstar.

Bhatia contended that the film reminded viewers of the "troubling political past" during the UPA's tenure and the years of "corrupt and policy paralysis-ridden" rule of the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA).

Sharing a poster of the film along with the key achievements of the BJP government in nine years, BJP national spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia wrote on X, "We must thank Shah Rukh Khan for exposing the corrupt, policy-paralysis ridden Congress rule from 2004 to 2014 through 'Jawan' Movie.

However, an X user questioned why the film tackles farmer suicides which is a dig against the three farm laws and crony capitalism is shown and criticised as Rahul Gandhi does. And, how BJP has come up with a "new drama to support the movie and twist the angle".

Meanwhile, Shah Rukh....

Political parties may have appropriated Shah Rukh as their mascot but the actor’s latest post brought them all down to earth. For the Bollywood superstar put out a post on X going all out to praise "PM Narendra Modiji" for the success of India’s G20 Presidency and "for fostering unity between nations for a better future for the people of the world."

Further, the star glowingly said that it has brought a sense of honour and pride into the hearts of every Indian. “Sir, under your leadership, we will prosper not in isolation but in Oneness. One Earth, One Family, One Future," wrote Shah Rukh.

Some X users did not spare him and taunted him for bowing down to the system, while BJP supporters were happy.

One BJP supporter said, “It is clear now, in his movie 'Jawan', SRK wanted [the] public to vote for Modi ji. The message is clear," said another. "Liberals and Opposition will cry now," noted one more.

While few others disappointed with his post, hit out at him: "In real life, bending backwards to the King," said one X user. “'Sir, under your leadership, we will prosper.' SRK destroyed the whole ecosystem with this one line," said another.

While Muslim Matters, a self-described non-profit "dedicated to the voices of Muslims," took to X to slam the star as well. “Before throwing his co-religionists under the bus, it would behove Shah Rukh to note BJP’s ideological twin, RSS and its inspiration from Hitler. SRK has sold truth away for a small price like other Bollywood stars before him. It’s one thing to remain quiet but another to bolster a hate-monger’s credentials. What a shame!"

However, yet another X user tried to be the voice of reason and said: "At this point, I just feel anyone who thinks he's some sort of political saviour is just...very stupid and embarrassing to watch." And another saw the silver lining in this ruckus, "For three days, he pleased the leftists and centrists, and now, he has pleased the right wing as well. SRK is a true Indian [for] taking everyone under him."

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