The Federal Webinar: Startups staring at existential crisis

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The until-now hugely successful startup space is facing a crisis with funding gradually drying up in the context of a market that is performing below par.

The implications for India are multifold as the country prides itself as one of the pioneering startup nations in the world.

Several entrepreneurs with bright ideas and innovative thinking set up a variety of startups over the last 15 years with many going on to employ thousands of job-seekers.

The technology the startups have come up with has played a major role in fundamentally changing how we live our lives.


Now, all this is in danger of stagnation at best or collapse at worst. How did startups come to this pass? Is there a way of protecting them and ensuring they don’t disappear?

These are some of the questions that The Federal webinar hosted by K Giriprakash plans to address. Our expert panel includes Rajat Sinha, Principal, LenDenClub Alpha; Surabhi Talwar, Happy Jars; Swetha Thakur, The Trost; and Vijender Reddy Muthyala, co-founder & CEO, DrinkPrime.