The Federal Webinar: Living with Covid, learn to cope with it

After three waves of the debilitating Covid pandemic, the much-feared fourth wave is not yet upon us despite signs to the contrary. One set of experts feels there will be yet another wave while others say Covid has turned endemic.

Wave or not, there will be spurts of the disease (like many others) depending on the season and other unknown factors. Gradually,  people are learning to cope with an endemic Covid but what would this mean for lifestyle choices — do we wear masks in public places all the time, avoid crowding, will we have to regularly vaccinate ourselves, should hospitals have a space earmarked for Covid permanently, so on and so forth.

Join The Federal’s webinar as it aims to find some clarity to these existential questions in a discussion with Dr. Ishwar Gilada, President, AIDS Society of India (ASI), Prof. (Dr) Ranga Reddy Burri, President, Infection Control Academy of India, Dr. Anusha Rohit, Sr Consultant and Head of Microbiology and Chair Infection control, The Madras Medical Mission, and Dr. Suneela Garg, Member, Lancet Commission Covid India Task Force, hosted by S Srinivasan, Editor-in-Chief, The Federal.