Video exit interviews on social media, an emerging trend: Survey

Over 60 per cent survey respondents fine with their wrap-up meeting being conducted on video and posted on social media

The survey was conducted by HR solutions provider Genius Consultants | Courtesy:

Video exit interviews are becoming an emerging trend, with over 60 per cent of the respondents in a survey saying they are fine with their wrap-up meeting being conducted on video and posted on social media sites.

Around 40 per cent respondents are averse to the notion, as per the survey conducted by HR solutions provider Genius Consultants.

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“Millennials and the upcoming Gen Z generation that is on the anvil of being employed find online platforms the safest medium to gain knowledge and make an informed decision about anything important. The easy access and heavy engagement with social media make it a preferred option for workplaces to build their image too,” Genius Chairman and Managing Director Consultants R P Yadav said.

The survey was done by Genius Consultants during April 28-May 29, 2022, pan-India with over 500 organisations across sectors.

It further stated that 64 per cent of respondents felt exit interviews are critical in predicting future employee turnover.

Around 62 per cent said that employees exit surveys and feedback mechanisms help in creating better efficiencies and desirable workplace environments.

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More than 79 per cent of respondents said exit surveys go a long way in gauging employee satisfaction.

“Organisations are aware of the importance of exit interviews at workplaces. These sessions play a critical role in identifying core issues which plague a healthy work environment. We are cognizant of the fact that today is the day and age of social media, but it was refreshing to see respondents coming out in large numbers and agreeing on having their exit interviews being posted on social media platforms,” Yadav said.

The organisations by virtue of the exit interviews being posted on the social media platforms can create a favourable impression on prospective employees in terms of transparency and exhibit great workplace culture, he noted.

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