Amit Shah
Shah addressed a rally in Siddhpur town, Gujarat, marking nine years of the Modi government. The rally took place in the Patan district.

Shah targets Rahul for criticising India abroad, says people are watching

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday (June 10) expressed his displeasure with former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, stating that it is inappropriate for any party leader to criticise their own country while abroad.

Shah accused Gandhi of going abroad to slander India, and advised him to learn from his ancestors.

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Shah was referring to Gandhi’s criticism of the Narendra Modi government during his recent visit to the USA.

“Any patriotic person should discuss Indian politics within India. It does not suit the leader of any party to go abroad and discuss the country’s politics and condemn the country. Remember this Rahul baba, people of the country are watching it closely,” Shah said.

He was addressing a rally at Siddhpur town in Patan district of Gujarat organised to mark nine years of the Modi government.

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Under the Modi government, the country witnessed huge changes, he said.

“But Congress party does not stop talking about anti-India things. Rahul baba is going abroad on vacation due to summer heat. He condemns the country abroad. I would like to tell Rahul Gandhi to learn from his ancestors,” he said.

(With agency inputs)

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