Your freedom, our struggle, and nothing to celebrate

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Why exactly should we celebrate a day earmarked as a country’s Independence Day?

You’ll argue it’s a celebration of freedom. But, freedom has nothing to do with countries, societies or cultures. It is primarily a private pursuit based on man-made constructs and individual philosophies that aim to extend the boundaries of human will.

There isn’t a universally accepted definition of freedom either. It is basically an idea based on the concept of ‘to each their own.’ The 18th century philosopher Immanuel Kant defined it perfectly when he argued that freedom is “involved in the moral domain, at the question: ‘what should I do?’”

Because freedom is a man-made construct, it is also a source of constant clashes, both verbal and physical, intellectual and violent. One person’s freedom, as we have heard many people say in different contexts, is another person’s terror. One country’s idea of equality, fraternity and liberty can be construed, as libertine philosopher Marquis de Sade argued around the time of the French Revolution, a pursuit of pleasure at any cost, including murder and rape.

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