While you’re having lockdown blues, life’s pretty dope for some

Drug, dope, contraband
While the COVID-19 lockdown was a morose affair for most, illegal drug users continued to live a high life, albeit at a higher cost | Image - Eunice Dhivya

“It’s a morning ritual, boss. It’s difficult to start or end my day without it.” This is how Lokesh (name changed) describes his addiction to marijuana. Standing in front of a roadside tea shop at Chennai’s KK Nagar, Lokesh tells The Federal how an innocuous indulgence with college friends turned into a lifestyle choice. So much so that he found it difficult to go without it even for a day during the “harsh lockdown” imposed in the wake of the coronavirus.

“You didn’t give up eating during lockdown, did you? So why judge me or people like me?” he asks.

But Lokesh is not just a marijuana addict, his dependence on weed has also turned him into a mule. For many of his customers, Lokesh is the handsome friend-turned-pot dealer. However, he caters only to a niche clientele.

“I have to drive till the Andhra (Pradesh) border and have to pick up the load for our atti (gang). We then share it among ourselves and don’t involve too many people.” He, however, insists that what he does cannot be termed as smuggling or a business. “It’s just a joy of sharing.”

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