Real-life Jai Bhim hero K Chandru pens a tell-all memoir

K Chandru’s book unravels the story of how politics and judiciary crossed roads in Tamil Nadu while he served at the Madras High Court.

It was just another sultry day in Chennai of the 1940s. Krishnaswamy, a railway clerk, was hanging out at the iconic lighthouse on the Madras High Court premises with his wife Saraswathi, a daughter and two sons, who had moved from Trichy to Chennai just a couple of months ago.

Having explored the lighthouse, Krishnaswamy’s family was walking through the corridors of the court when their peaceful stroll was interrupted by a macebearer trying to tell the people around to make way for the judge. Instead of a polite vazhi vazhi (excuse me), the macebearer created rude sounds of ‘ush ush’ to tell people to clear the way.

Somewhat awed by the power the judge wielded, Saraswathi asked Krishnaswamy if her sons could ever command power like the judge.

“Why not,” said Krishnaswamy.


Many years later, K Chandru, who was not......