Parasite and class war cinema — exposing the ugly face of the world

Korean film Parasite Burning
Palme d'Or 2019 winner and Oscar 2020 winner Parasite is Bong Joon-ho's crusade against capitalism that exposes class politics. | Image - Prathap Ravishankar

Translations are sacred. In Bong Joon-ho’s Okja, the Korean director buried an in-joke not just by way of filmmaking and dialogue, but also through its English subtitles.

It’s when the Korean American ‘K’, played by Steven Yeun, mistranslates (as the ALF or Animal Liberation Front’s translator) something that Mija says in Korean, and then has a goodbye message for her which the subtitles record differently. Bong’s intention was to wink at people who can understand both the languages. It is also a joke on the Korean American who straddles both the worlds. The subtitle reads, “Mija, try learning English. It opens new doors.” What he really says is his name,......