Memes: The joke is on you, Mr Politician

Like fake news, memes and satirical videos may not directly shape the opinion of the voters, but repeated watching of it may strengthen one’s existing belief about a certain political party or leader | Image - Prathap Ravishankar

For some, long speeches of politicians are nothing but a bunch of lies and false promises. For others, these are boring as politicians endlessly attack opponents, more on personal issues than on policy or facts.

But in the social media age where everyone is hooked to smartphones, these speeches are hard to ignore as they get quick traction because of the army of supporters on either side.

However, what is even harder to miss on social media these days are the memes on politicians and their speeches and actions.

Memes are comic images, videos or texts drawn from popular media such as film, OTT shows or sports and mixed with political news elements, mostly for entertainment, but also to make a point in some cases.

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