All eyes on Venus: What upcoming missions are planning

Venus, earth's closest neighbour, although very hot, has aroused the curiosity of global spacefarers, perhaps to explore future possibilities of life on the planet | Image - Eunice Dhivya

Venus, the second planet in the solar system, is Earth’s closest planetary neighbor and is similar to Earth in size and density.

However, unlike Mars, Venus is not explored much owing to its inhospitable conditions—thick sulphuric acid-laden clouds, a hotbed of greenhouse gases (due to the high level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere), and hellishly-hot surface temperatures of 465 degrees Celsius.

However, the yellow planet has rekindled the curiosity of the global spacefarers. A recent study that discovered traces of phosphine (a biosignature) in the Venusian clouds has further spurred the interest to explore Venus.

By the end of this decade, Venus will have several robotic visitors. Primarily, Isro, Nasa, and Roscosmos have confirmed their intentions to send their spacecraft to Venus. The missions will comprise orbiters, landers, and sample return crafts.

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