13 years too late: As ethnic fault lines blur, what it means for Sri Lankan Tamils

On May 18, protesters in Colombo offered prayers remembering thousands – including ethnic Tamil civilians – killed in the final stages of the country’s decades-long civil war. Photos: Ambila Udagedara

When the decades-long civil war in Sri Lanka ended in 2009, Yathini was barely 15. Already scarred by the ravages of the war, she grew up waiting for “some sort of closure” for her community – the Sri Lankan Tamils. However, when the day finally came years later, Yathini and most Sri Lankan Tamils like her didn’t know what to make of the recent show of solidarity by the majority Sinhalese. Nonetheless, she is relieved to see the change of heart.

“We don’t hold any grudges against the ordinary Sinhalese people. But now that they are offering open support, it definitely feels good,” says the Jaffna resident.

On May 18, protesters offered prayers remembering thousands – including ethnic......